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Vaginal health to the female character is very main, what it matters to a female directly is healthy, if private parts health does not nurse well, can affect the individual’s life not only, still meet the job and domestic person bring a worry. Have a knot in one’s heart of some of female vagina chairman, this affects a kind of phenomenon of inflammation namely, if be treated not in time, possible meeting is broughtLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Send disease of other department of gynaecology. So how does vaginal mouth grow a knot in one’s heart to should do?

Vaginal mouth grows a little a knot in one's heart

The reason that shade road junction has a little a knot in one’s heart

Actually vaginal mouth grows little a knot in one’s heart the first reaction should be vaginal agnail cause, or the inflammation that bacterium, virus causes, ten million cannot of ignore, best practice goes to a hospital be being checked namely, can discover with as soon as possible as soon as possible is treated so.

Vaginitis namely vaginitis disease. Because vagina of normal and healthy woman anatomizes constituent characteristic to pathogen invade have natural defence function.

Of the road junction that be like shade close, vaginal around wall is clingy, the vagina is epithelial the hyperplasia below the influence of estrogen and horn of surface layer cell are changed, vaginal acid-base value poises, the breed of the pathogen with alkalescent accommodate is restrained, and neck canal mucus is shown alkalescent, when natural defence function of the vagina is destroyed, pathogen is invaded easily, cause vaginitis disease.

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Discuss: The female friend that had vaginitis must go normal hospital treating, lest relapse instead answer him torment. Affect oneself mood not only, return the other in part that can affect oneself even.

Acuteness wet wart (Condy1oma Accuminatum) calls genital wart or venereal wart again, it is the excrescence of skin mucous membrane that breeds by the person the virus that appear tumour is caused. Basically be contacted through the gender and travel.

Genital bleb (Genital Herpes) is the sex that basically causes by II(HSVII) of pure herpes virus pestiferous. Be not gonococcus sex urethritis is the disease of a kind of infectivity that causes by sexual contact, it is be caused by of infection of former put oneself in another’s position of a former put oneself in another’s position and garment commonly, also call blame particularity urethritis.

The symptom that the vagina causes little a knot in one’s heart and endanger

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Once appear the word of the problem, it is the feeling with uncomfortable private parts not just, still have even if bring about oneself endocrinopathy possibly, if suffer from really,go up the word of acuteness wet wart, still can appear infectious phenomenon.

Vaginal mouth grows a little a knot in one's heart

Acuteness wet wart basically is to pass behavior to travel, appear tumour virus be caused by by breast, initial stage is gules hammock rash, add gradually next increase more, submit cauliflower shape, cockscomb shape, tit form, preclinical general 1-3 month, also have be as long as August long.

The female grows in road junction of vaginal wall, vulva, bird, anal, breast, alar, oral cavity. If not instant treatment and cure are undeserved, often have a relapse, easy become tremendous wet wart. The patient that has 5% is long treat can not cause canceration more.

The remedial method that shade road junction grows a knot in one’s heart to do the vagina how to a knot in one’s heart does the vagina to have a knot in one’s heart

Not have painful go without mark vaginal mouth is small a knot in one’s heart

Acuteness wet wart can effect a radical cure. According to me the academy develops successfully ” gene immunity ” triplex therapeutics logarithm the clinical cure of 10 thousand acerb wet verrucous patients, already effected a radical cure thoroughly break the beginning that cannot cure with Western medicine.

Vaginitis symptom

Once the woman suffers from go up the word of vaginitis, can appear a lot of uncomfortable feelings, differ decide even if go out in vaginal mouthLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Show little a knot in one’s heart, still have other uncomfortable feelings, belt of spoken parts in an opera is for instance unusual external perhaps Sao is urticant etc, vaginitis is caused.

1, trichomonad sex vaginitis

Symptom: Leucorrhoea grow in quantity, show ivory or yellow, it is purulent sex leucorrhoea sometimes, often show spumescent, have a stink, serious person have leucorrhoea of courage and uprightness, make water painful, frequent micturition, hematuria.

Harm: Can erupt simultaneously trichomonad sex urethritis, cystitis, pyelitis, because trichomonad can gobble up spermatozoon, can cause infecund disease, influence sexual life.

2, mould sex vaginitis

Symptom: Vulva Sao is urticant, vulva and vaginal bright are painful, leucorrhoea grow in quantity shows pattern of bean curd broken bits, accompany sometimes have frequent micturition, frequent micturition, make water painful, sexual intercourse is painful, when department of gynaecology is checked, visible nympha inside reachs vaginal mucous membrane to go up other people of account of adherent white film, erasure hind shows side of red mucous membrane, acute period sees shallow ulcer of the erosion face of damage or watch.

Harm: Effect a radical cure not easily, easy relapse, cause deformation of slink, fetal infection to wait.

3, palace neck debaucjed

Symptom: By chronic palace neck phlogistic cause, leucorrhoea capacity is much, appearance of lubricious yellow pus or yellow, lumbar abdomen drops bilge or shade is urticant, feed little mind exhausted, complexion is little China, according to erosion area size, can divide to be spent gently, in spend and spend 3 kinds again.

Harm: Cause vaginal adhesion, the vagina accumulates pus or palace antrum accumulates pus.

4, blame particularity vaginitis

Symptom: The vagina has straining feeling, glowing, companion has pelvic cavity unwell reach the whole body is lack of power. Vaginal secretion grow in quantity, show purulent sex, serous sex, have a stink. Because secretion stimulates uric road junction, can cause frequent micturition, make water urgent, make water is painful.

Harm: Cause vaginal adhesion, the vagina accumulates pus or palace antrum accumulates pus, easy cause pelvic infection, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Caul is defeated early and amnion of film of cloth with soft nap is phlogistic wait.

5, senile sex vaginitis

Symptom: Leucorrhoea grow in quantity, color is yellow, submit water form, serious when the sex that show pus, have a stink, can have courage and uprightness sometimes or accompany a bit haemorrhage, vulva has Sao to itch or glowing feeling, work painful, abdomen dropping bilges below, affect urethral when, have frequent micturition, make water urgent, make water is painful etc.

Harm: Cause vaginal adhesion, the vagina accumulates pus or palace antrum accumulates pus.

The remedial method that shade road junction grows a knot in one’s heart to do the vagina how to a knot in one’s heart does the vagina to have a knot in one’s heart

6, bacterial sex vaginitis

Symptom: Leucorrhoea grow in quantity, hoar, rare, show spumescent. Vaginal mucous membrane congests, medicinal powder see haemorrhage is nodded, vulva Sao itchs and have bright keenly feel, pudenda is effluvial.

Harm: Cause genital to affect, zhou Yan of pelvic infection, kidney, wait.

How is vaginitis treated

Trichomonad sex

If trichomonad breeds in great quantities inside the vagina, vaginal secretion can increase, vulva can have reach Sao urticant feeling smartly, this drips namelyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Bug sex vaginitis.

Remedial method: It is normally after abluent vagina, with vaginal suppository, treat 3~4 continuously second hind, can alleviate thorn keenly feel of pudenda and scratchy, daily treatment also wants later, continuously two weeks or so. If want to effect a radical cure trichomonad vaginitis, have to stick-to-itive is treated continuously, cannot quit, otherwise and can have a relapse again.

Beads bacterium

The inflammation that by the infection inside the vagina place of white beads bacterium causes calls beads bacterium vaginitis, special with pregnant woman the commonnest, beads bacterium gives birth to existence acidity aptly in inferior environment.

Remedial method: Edible fights the vaginal suppository of and so on of trichomonad mildew element, use ointment paint at the same time at pudenda, insist to treat 2 weeks the least, beads bacterium vaginitis has a relapse very easily once more.

Gonococcus sex

Affect be caused by by gonococcus, vaginal secretion is shown olive, and companion has purulent sex to reach effluvial, if be treated not in time, can cause bladder, endometritis to wait.

Remedial method: The Liu Xie that use hemp 100 grams, the rhizome of Chinese atractylods 15 grams, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread 15 grams, huang Bai 15 grams, grass defeating sauce 20 grams, anguine bed child 15 grams, chinese bulbul 30 grams, suffering joins 30 grams, summer cypress child 15 grams, water simmer in water. Take the advantage of tepid when wash vulva, daily 1 ~ 2, 7 days are 1 period of treatment, general 1 ~ 2 period of treatment can heal.

Be not particularity

By the vaginitis that the bacterium beyond bacterium of trichomonad, beads and gonococcus causes, be like catenary bead bacterium, coliform to wait, these bacterium exist at the same time, but basic mechanism still still is not clear about, so all calls blame particularity vaginitis.

Remedial method: Use 15 lactic acid or 0.5% acetic acid or 1:5Solution of 000 potassium permanganate rinses the vagina, emulsion of antibiotic of the besmear after mop works or 9 powder, a day, 10 days are one period of treatment.

Atrophy sex

This kind of inflammation calls senile sex vaginitis again, the female arrives the turn of life, because ovarian function ebbs, ovarian hormonal exudation decreases, make vaginal mucous membrane attenuates, the vagina causes a bacterium easily.

Remedial method: Use normally 1: 5000 potassium permanganate clean vulva, vaginal a place of strategic importance enters tablet of ethylene female phenol or suppository, also can apply estrogen all over, but must treat below doctor guidance.

Young daughter vaginitis

Little girl often sits the amuse oneself on the ground, or wait into the vagina with finger disclose, can cause vulva, vagina get pollution, cause vaginitis.

Vaginal mouth grows a little a knot in one's heart

Remedial method: Use water of Chinese prickly ash or 61 medicinal powder (contain steatitic, licorice) strong water cleans the vagina and vulva to be able to achieve remedial result.

Epilogue: Major woman is not the health that often notices her, but the element of occurrence inconstancy of hard to avoid, the vagina that brings about oneself produces pathological change, grow little a knot in one’s heart e.g. vaginal mouth, these are the disaster that vaginitis causes, the method that treats only has a lot of, but the vaginitis that must seeing his is what type, ability is treated better.

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